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Sand Dragon

Aloha! To Love Is To Be Happy With

Everything Goes Well

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Title of Video: Phoenix Legend - Everything Goes Well

One day in the ancient times, the sun looked down and saw a large bird with bright red and dazzling gold feathers. The sun god blessed him, "Glorious Phoenix, you shall be my bird and live forever!"

The Phoenix was overjoyed to hear these words and sang, “I shall sing my songs for you alone!" But living forever didn’t make him happy for long. Men, women, and children were always chasing him, wanting some of those beautiful, shiny feathers for themselves.
Tired, the phoenix flew off toward the east, where the sun rises in the morning.
The Phoenix flew for a long time, and then came to a far away, hidden desert where no humans lived. Here, flying freely he would sing the songs of praise to the sun alone.

Five centuries passed. The Phoenix was still alive, but it had grown old. It couldn't soar so high in the sky, nor fly as fast or as far as it was young. It wasn’t as strong.
The Phoenix sang, "Sun, glorious sun, make me young and strong again!"
The sun didn't answer. When the sun still didn't answer, the Phoenix decided to return to the place of its origin.

The journey was long, and because the Phoenix was old and weak, it had to rest along the way. Each time it landed, it collected pieces of cinnamon bark and all kinds of fragrant leaves.

Read on...
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Power Animals

Sunday, October 18, 2009

from The Enchanted Forest, find your power animal !

The owl will be keeping me company tonight.

After finding my owl in the forest, I discovered The Owl Pages. Wow! If you love owls, this site is a keeper.
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Responsible Tourism

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today is Climate Change Blog Action Day. I considered writing about the potential perils of a sinking Gulf Stream. There is so much we don't understand about the inter-connectedness of our biosystems. Or I could expound on why the term "global warming" is an unfortunate and mis-leading label. Humor ahead... :)

Sand Dragon's disclaimer: The above video was included in this post for health reasons. Making light of the seriousness of the situation can be beneficial for your health provided the viewer remain grounded in reality and educates him/herself on the facts of climate change. Hint - do not place much value on "scientific" studies funded by large corporations; or on naysayers whose pockets are lined with monies from same. Thank you very much.

OK. My intended topic is actually a link sent to me by son #2, who may become employed by this awesome business:

DRAGOMAN, Responsible Tourism
and Overland Travel

Please read their "About Us" page.

For crikey's sake, let's get out of our cages...
into Nature... and fall in love with our planet again.

Son #1 is currently helping organize 350.org in San Diego (October 24th, International Day of Climate Action)

Son #2 will likely be on the Dragoman adventure team.

Son #3 continues to learn other languages and cultures thru extended-stay travel. The more peoples from various cultures get to know each other, the less fear there will be about perceived differences. (I'm speaking about all of us in general). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KID !!
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Blog Action Day

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I used to try to herd bloggers together to speak in a united voice about one single topic. As it turned out, I wasn't very good a cat herding. Hopefully, Blog Action Day has better luck. It's your planet, too.
Read, write, think and ACT.
(((Hugs to All)))

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Manuka Kanuka

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Say it ten times really really fast.
manuka kanuka kanuka manuka

kanuka is a coastal shrub located in Australia and New Zealand
ditto manuka
manuka has medicinal benefits: anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
ditto kanuka
manuka is a popular honey in some parts of the world

OK, so what's the diff? Oh, look! Here's another blogger who posted an article on both manuka and kanuka. Tony, the Bushmansfriend, seems to know quite a bit about the two plants.

And since Tony is eco-friendly and lists his favorite music as "kiwi calling on the front lawn on a moonless June night" and "the sound of the surf from the beach at Whangamata"... I'm going to link his site under my "Travel" section. If you travel to Kaeo, New Zealand, I hope you have the opportunity to utilize his ecotour business.

Tell me your stories, birth beauties!
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Water Worries

Friday, October 02, 2009

If this makes you sick to read, think of how the poor folks in Pavillion, Wyoming feel. No matter where you live, you're not safe from this horrific abuse of our natural resources.
"...they have been unable to prove their case because drilling companies are not required to disclose exactly what chemicals they use, thanks to an exemption to a federal clean water law granted to the oil and gas industry in 2005."
Today, while reading something less stressful, I came across a little nugget of wisdom: "If you want to change something... you have to change something." Yes, indeed. We talk big. We fret. We blame and shake our fist at the sky. And we feel helpless. On the other hand, most of us recycle. Many bring their own bags to stores. Organic food is fairly popular.

But if we want the insanity to stop now, before it is too late... we have to stop pretending that our voracious appetite for consumption isn't part of the problem that is occuring in Pavillion and elsewhere.

Change your habits in a big way.

Change is contagious. Your fellow homo sapiens will honor your courage. Now is the time. Trust me... I've been testing the waters of change for a couple of years now. I'm still here. I'm still whole. I'm still sane.

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