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Sand Dragon

Aloha! To Love Is To Be Happy With

Responsible Tourism

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today is Climate Change Blog Action Day. I considered writing about the potential perils of a sinking Gulf Stream. There is so much we don't understand about the inter-connectedness of our biosystems. Or I could expound on why the term "global warming" is an unfortunate and mis-leading label. Humor ahead... :)

Sand Dragon's disclaimer: The above video was included in this post for health reasons. Making light of the seriousness of the situation can be beneficial for your health provided the viewer remain grounded in reality and educates him/herself on the facts of climate change. Hint - do not place much value on "scientific" studies funded by large corporations; or on naysayers whose pockets are lined with monies from same. Thank you very much.

OK. My intended topic is actually a link sent to me by son #2, who may become employed by this awesome business:

DRAGOMAN, Responsible Tourism
and Overland Travel

Please read their "About Us" page.

For crikey's sake, let's get out of our cages...
into Nature... and fall in love with our planet again.

Son #1 is currently helping organize 350.org in San Diego (October 24th, International Day of Climate Action)

Son #2 will likely be on the Dragoman adventure team.

Son #3 continues to learn other languages and cultures thru extended-stay travel. The more peoples from various cultures get to know each other, the less fear there will be about perceived differences. (I'm speaking about all of us in general). HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KID !!
posted by Deb, 5:05 PM


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