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Sand Dragon

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An Experiment

Monday, September 27, 2010

1) Go to a locally-owned business where the person behind the deli counter is likely to be the same person each visit.  It's so much more fun buying local anyway!  2) Order "a pound" of the same thing once a week.  After several weeks, switch your order.  Proper phrasing of your new request is key to this experiment.
3) Say, "I would like a pound and a half..."

And then see if you end up with just a pound... :)

I suspect that people with good memories are more likely to make this error because our brains tend to jump to conclusions based on past experience.

The flip side of this is that people with poor memories may be better listeners.

Now. With the world changing so fast right now (and faster still sooner than you can whistle "The Preacher and the Slave") How might our brains be filling in the blanks based... in error... on past experiences. Hmmmm?
posted by Deb, 2:18 PM


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