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Sand Dragon

Aloha! To Love Is To Be Happy With

Eating Octopus

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One of my sons reports having eaten a live octopus, so naturally I had to go look up videos of others doing the same. My son is currently living in Asia. Perhaps he felt the need to experience his temporary cultural surroundings to the fullest. Or maybe he was just really hungry for something different. Maybe he had been out drinking first. Whatever the case... don't watch this video if you have a weak stomach:

You watched it anyway... didn't you! On the one hand, I'm happy that my son is open minded enough to try new things as we seem to have far too many close-minded people on the planet right now. Or maybe I'm in denial and am applying an "approved by Mom" label to this horrific act. But is it horrific? To a closed mind it is. See how I'm spinning in circles?

The tendency is to relate, emotionally, to the octopi's struggle to survive and to the apparent torture of being eaten alive. Yeah, but.... But eating and being eaten has been going on since...teeth were invented. No, even before that! eons and eons

All the so-called sages throughout all our recorded eons eventually remind everyone of one simple truth: We can only really be alive in the moment. The past is gone. The future hasn't happened. And the present can be reduced to nanoseconds. Did the octopus really feel "torture" (a human concept). Or was it's struggle to survive no different than mating or swimming free in the ocean.

Each moment....just......IS.
Not good.
Not bad.
PS How do octopus mate?
PPS I want to make really really clear that I am not condoning torture; and you won't catch me eating an octopus any time soon. I guess I've come full circle yet again.
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Seismic Monitor

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This map helps my mind grasp the magnitude of the big ones.

The IRIS seismonitor includes a link to the latest earthquake headline news and the map itself has proven to be up-to-date and dependable. I've used it for many years, and so I'm passing this little gem along to you:

Seismic Monitor

You can no more win a war than you can win an earthquake.
Jeannette Rankin
She was the first woman to serve in Congress (1917-1919) 1880-1973
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Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm just hearing the word hooponopono (or more precisely, ho'oponopono) for the first time this week. Like a kid, I keep rolling hooponopono off my tongue for fun! Watch the first video to hear hooponopono pronounced and learn at bit about the practice of.... hooponopono. See! I just can't stop myself :)

Here is a bit of history and description of the hooponopono practice: Hooponopono Simplified

and a song, by the late Iz, Israel "Iz" Kaʻanoʻi Kamakawiwoʻole

goodnight. I love you.


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Sunday, September 27, 2009

The "Aloha Huna" video below starts out, in song, by saying:

Everything is not OK.
It's not alright for Life to be this way.
It's no good for me....

At times in my life I have victimized myself for being a victim, which is kinda like dropping in to see what condition my condition was in. [Note: The "dropping in" link is a video song by Kenny Rogers & The First Edition performed on treadmills! haha]

Going back to the Hawaiian "Aloha Huna" video. At first I thought it was going to be a "poor me" waste of time thus feeding my past victimhood mentality. But in spite of the initial wording
, its message is a positive one for change.

I've got nowhere else to turn but towards the light. Anger didn't work, or frustration, or feeling lost and helpless. I tried to stick my head in the sand but couldn't breath. I tried to blame others, but they are me. I tried to run but ended back up where I started from.

Now, I actively seek and work towards change. I've tried before, but had that added negativity listed above as baggage. Let's see how I do working for change, and just being me with all my faults while trying to enjoy each moment as it comes and goes to infinity.
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