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Sand Dragon

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Manuka Kanuka

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Say it ten times really really fast.
manuka kanuka kanuka manuka

kanuka is a coastal shrub located in Australia and New Zealand
ditto manuka
manuka has medicinal benefits: anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
ditto kanuka
manuka is a popular honey in some parts of the world

OK, so what's the diff? Oh, look! Here's another blogger who posted an article on both manuka and kanuka. Tony, the Bushmansfriend, seems to know quite a bit about the two plants.

And since Tony is eco-friendly and lists his favorite music as "kiwi calling on the front lawn on a moonless June night" and "the sound of the surf from the beach at Whangamata"... I'm going to link his site under my "Travel" section. If you travel to Kaeo, New Zealand, I hope you have the opportunity to utilize his ecotour business.

Tell me your stories, birth beauties!
posted by Deb, 6:39 PM


Thanks for the follow and kind words
commented by Blogger tonyf, 7:25 PM  

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