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Sand Dragon

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Ban Dirt Blowers

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Leaf blower
Originally uploaded by Jonas B
Leaf blowers = Dirt blowers
Enough already.

Noise in my ears;
Exhaust fumes in my nose;
Dirt in my eyes.

Enough already, stupid humans!

(more facts and data here)

It's just not necessary to be blowing leaves around. If you absolutely must have uncluttered sidewalks, hire a sweeper.

Toy "leaf" blowers are sold for around 30 buckeroos. Kids should be taught to examine the infinite beauty of falling leaves instead of always trying to "fix" nature with noise and pollution. (sigh)
Thanks, Jonas B, for sharing the picture of an efficient Leaf Blower thru use of your Creative Commons license. It's much appreciated. license,
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Water Exports

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Originally uploaded by
World Resources Institute Staff
From Planet Ark, Oct 8-2007:

"As the world creeps closer to irreversible global warming and goes deeper into ecological debt, why on earth, say, would the UK export 20 tonnes of mineral water to Australia and then re-import 21 tonnes," said NEF director Andrew Simms.

"And why would that wasteful trade be more the rule than the exception," he added.
(emphasis mine)
read full article here

Thanks to the World Resources Institute Staff at Flickr for sharing a slice of blue Earth with us via their Creative Commons license. See also WRI's main page.
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Basmati ( Kinshicho )

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Basmati ( Kinshicho )
Originally uploaded by fukagawa_tky
In my lifetime, it has been said that we have transitioned from the industrial age to the information age. I think it is time to define the present as "The Age of Corporate Greed".

"If you wonder why companies are granted patents for the human gene sequence or for seeds, here's the reason: It's because corporations are in charge, and they run governments. Who do you think runs the Food and Drug Administration? It's the drug companies. Who do you think runs the U.S. Department of Agriculture? It's the farming, beef and the dairy industries."
(read all)

The delicious-looking meal shown here features basmati rice. For those who are unaware, a Texas firm (it would be from Texas....now wouldn't it?) applied for and won a ridiculous patent (Sept 1997) "on Basmatic rice lines and grains". This brutal, Corporate Greed, brain fart ties into other humanistic and moral topics including genetically engineered (GE) foods, genetically modified organisms (GMO), reduction of genetic diversity, and food shortages

Sadly, the research for these drastic changes to our precious (formerly all-natural) food chain is performed by the biotech corporations who mega-profit at our expense. This is not wisdom. This is insanity.
Thank you, fukagawa_tky for your many nice food photos. Thanks also for sharing them via the CC license.
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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Originally uploaded
by advisorymatters
from Fredy Perlman's "Against His-story, Against Leviathan"
Insist that "freedom" and "the state of nature" are synonyms, and the cadavers will try to bite you. The tame, the domesticated, try to monopolize the word freedom; they'd like to apply it to their own condition. They apply the word "wild" to the free. But it is another public secret that the tame, the domesticated, occasionally become wild but are never free so long as they remain in their pens.

Even the common dictionary keeps this secret only half hidden. It begins by saying that free means citizen! But then it says, "Free: a) not determined by anything beyond its own nature or being; b) determined by the choice of actor or by his wishes..."

The secret is out. Birds are free until people cage them. The Biosphere, Mother Earth herself, is free when she moistens herself, when she sprawls in the sun and lets her skin erupt with varicolored hair teeming with crawlers and fliers. She is not determined by anything beyond her own nature or being until another sphere of equal magnitude crashes into her, or until a cadaverous beast cuts into her skin and rends her bowels.

Trees, fish and insects are free as they grow from seed to maturity, each realizing its own potential, its wish--until the insect's freedom is curtailed by the bird's. The eaten insect has made a gift of its freedom to the bird's freedom. The bird, in its turn, drops and manures the seed of the insect's favorite plant, enhancing the freedom of the insect's heirs.

The state of nature is a community of freedoms.

Such was the environment of the first human communities, and such it remained for thousands of generations.
(more about Fredy Perlman from Wikipedia)
Hugs and love to Werebrock for blogging the words of Fredy Perlman at Noble Savagery.

Many thanks also to advisorymatters for the photo made available thru Creative Commons...an open (free) society :)
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