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Water Worries

Friday, October 02, 2009

If this makes you sick to read, think of how the poor folks in Pavillion, Wyoming feel. No matter where you live, you're not safe from this horrific abuse of our natural resources.
"...they have been unable to prove their case because drilling companies are not required to disclose exactly what chemicals they use, thanks to an exemption to a federal clean water law granted to the oil and gas industry in 2005."
Today, while reading something less stressful, I came across a little nugget of wisdom: "If you want to change something... you have to change something." Yes, indeed. We talk big. We fret. We blame and shake our fist at the sky. And we feel helpless. On the other hand, most of us recycle. Many bring their own bags to stores. Organic food is fairly popular.

But if we want the insanity to stop now, before it is too late... we have to stop pretending that our voracious appetite for consumption isn't part of the problem that is occuring in Pavillion and elsewhere.

Change your habits in a big way.

Change is contagious. Your fellow homo sapiens will honor your courage. Now is the time. Trust me... I've been testing the waters of change for a couple of years now. I'm still here. I'm still whole. I'm still sane.

posted by Deb, 8:31 PM


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