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Sand Dragon

Aloha! To Love Is To Be Happy With

An Experiment

Monday, September 27, 2010

1) Go to a locally-owned business where the person behind the deli counter is likely to be the same person each visit.  It's so much more fun buying local anyway!  2) Order "a pound" of the same thing once a week.  After several weeks, switch your order.  Proper phrasing of your new request is key to this experiment.
3) Say, "I would like a pound and a half..."

And then see if you end up with just a pound... :)

I suspect that people with good memories are more likely to make this error because our brains tend to jump to conclusions based on past experience.

The flip side of this is that people with poor memories may be better listeners.

Now. With the world changing so fast right now (and faster still sooner than you can whistle "The Preacher and the Slave") How might our brains be filling in the blanks based... in error... on past experiences. Hmmmm?
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Fisherman's Summer of Tears

Thursday, May 27, 2010

"I tried not to let my grandson, Scottie, see me crying. I didn’t think he would understand, that I was crying for his stolen future. None of this will be the same, for decades to come. The damage is going to be immense and I do not think our lives here in south Louisiana will ever be the same."
-Louisiana Bayoukeeper and Fisherman Michael Roberts

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Gushing in the Gulf

Thursday, May 13, 2010

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Artificial Productivity

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Recommended Reading from blog "Artificial Productivity":

People need to stop holding onto their microwaves as if they were flotation devices.
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Say It, Raj !

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The three-minute video on this site sums up my entire adult life:

The Value of Nothing
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Space Debris

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The word "debris" sounds so nice, doesn't it? Let's call it what it is: garbage.
It's not sufficient to trash our own planet. No.
The insanity is boundless.

"World powers must find ways...."

Why were these messes, current and growing, completely obvious to me in the 1960's?
I'll tell you why.
Because it is completely obvious.

And I'll tell you what else is completely obvious. The world powers aren't going to do diddly to find ways to clean up the mess. They haven't yet, and they won't... because to do so would mean they have to curb... no, cease... the appetite for what passes as "progress".
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Oops! and Potential Oops!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Will we ever learn... in time?

In Swaziland, the King's sacrificial bull escaped injuring a few young warriors just before the Incwala ceremony.

...and in other news today (and it was the last paragraph that really caught my attention, inserted below):

Nuclear Waste Shipment Leaves Britain for Japan
"Under the terms of arrangements between nuclear authorities in Britain and Japan, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, some 925 tons of foreign nuclear waste will be returned to [Japan] over the next decade, cutting the atomic waste stockpile in the UK by 40 per cent."
Note to self: Don't move to Japan. Hey... wait a minute! What part of the planet haven't we F-ed Up? My guess is that any pristine places still existing on Planet Earth have been circled with a corporate red marking pen on a map by a small-minded biped with dollar signs in his eyes.

PS - You make the connection between the bull and the nuclear waste shipment.... yes? just asking
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