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Support White Friday (aka Buy Nothing Day)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Support White Friday

We have a responsibility to preserve the health of planet Earth for ourselves and future generations. It is abundantly obvious to a great many of us that rampant consumerism is killing our planet.

Affluenza.org provides a succinct overview of both problems and solutions we can embrace as we struggle to make sense of the puzzles and challenges to our survival.

For starters, please join us on Friday November 27th, 2009, in support of White Friday (Buy Nothing Day). As usual, Adbusters never disappoints. The point of drawing attention to our buying habits is to practice a lasting lifestyle commitment to consume less thereby producing less waste. Have fun buying nothing!
Did you know....?
Buy Nothing Day (BND) was started 17 years ago.
posted by Deb, 4:07 PM


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