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Dirty Business

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black mustard seeds, biji sawi
Originally uploaded by zoyachubby
"An estimated 1.4 billion of the world's poorest people now depend for their survival on farm saved seed. Hybrid seeds and their required fertilisers, pesticides and irrigation systems have trapped many of the world's poorest farmers into a cycle of debt.

In the US Monsanto are vigorously pursuing their proprietary rights. Using investigators to identify farmers suspected of saving their seed, Monsanto threaten criminal charges and damages in excess of $1 million."

This topic has been a thorn in my side for a long time. There's business....and then there is dirty rotten business. Monsanto, Du-Pont, and others like them are significantly hurting both people and planet and should be stopped.

For further reading about corporate greed with seed, see Primal Seeds.
Thank you, zoyachubby, for sharing the picture of black mustard seeds thru use of the Creative Commons license. Readers will also enjoy visiting zoyachubby's food blog, Chicken's Kitchen.
posted by Deb, 8:55 PM


It does bother me quite a bit the way the law on this has played out. If a neighboring farm is using licensed, altered seeds, and the wind or animals carry those seeds into your property and they become part of your seed stock, you are then forced to pay fees to the manufacturer of those seeds. Something is out of whack here!
commented by Blogger PlanetThoughts, 12:54 AM  
Yes, because of the wind (!) there is potential for innocent citizens to be unfairly punished. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Thanks for stopping by.
commented by Blogger Deb, 12:27 PM  

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