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Basmati ( Kinshicho )

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Basmati ( Kinshicho )
Originally uploaded by fukagawa_tky
In my lifetime, it has been said that we have transitioned from the industrial age to the information age. I think it is time to define the present as "The Age of Corporate Greed".

"If you wonder why companies are granted patents for the human gene sequence or for seeds, here's the reason: It's because corporations are in charge, and they run governments. Who do you think runs the Food and Drug Administration? It's the drug companies. Who do you think runs the U.S. Department of Agriculture? It's the farming, beef and the dairy industries."
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The delicious-looking meal shown here features basmati rice. For those who are unaware, a Texas firm (it would be from Texas....now wouldn't it?) applied for and won a ridiculous patent (Sept 1997) "on Basmatic rice lines and grains". This brutal, Corporate Greed, brain fart ties into other humanistic and moral topics including genetically engineered (GE) foods, genetically modified organisms (GMO), reduction of genetic diversity, and food shortages

Sadly, the research for these drastic changes to our precious (formerly all-natural) food chain is performed by the biotech corporations who mega-profit at our expense. This is not wisdom. This is insanity.
Thank you, fukagawa_tky for your many nice food photos. Thanks also for sharing them via the CC license.
posted by Deb, 3:26 PM


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