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Friday, September 28, 2007

Mahakala Dance, Phyang Festival
Originally uploaded by hceebee
I awoke this morning thinking of the word "cusp". Rolling the word around in my head, I tried it out as an acronym. "C.U.S.P. = Cracking Up from Social Pressures", I thought. Hmmmmm. Not very positive.

As is often my habit when words or images are stuck in my head, I turn to the internet to see what I can uncover (which is how I found Mahakala, but that is another story). My search for "CUSP" this morning yielded a green organization called "Living on the Cusp" (subtitle: "Living through the transition from the Petroleum Age to a Sustainable Future")

"Living on the Cusp" sounds similar to the name of another of my blogs, "Out on the Limb", except "Cusp" implies impending change, and "Limb" implies impending disaster. Just an observation.

The blog part of Cusp is kept current (August 2007 last entry), so I can safely assume that the Monkton Wylde Workshop dates for mid November are also for year 2007. Leaving the year off of blog page calendar notes is a pet peeve of mine. The net is strewn with abandoned web pages and unfinished business. How is one to know if a scheduled event is still a viable option if the year isn't listed? The answer is, it takes the reader extra work (emailing questions, for example). Obviously, I woke up a bit grumpy today as evidenced by my CUSP acronym.

The "About Us" page for Naresh Giangrande mirrors, in many ways, the transition(s) I am trying to bring about in my own life. I will explore Cusp's links and ideas more thoroughly today. For now....gotta go.

Hugs to All.
Thanks hceebee for the Flickr photo, made available for use via a CC license.

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