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Diet for a Healthy Planet

Monday, September 24, 2007

Originally uploaded by VeganWarrior
I need to upgrade my diet without hurting my wallet. I've been searching for ideas online (where else!?)

My usual exploration of Creative Common pictures at Flickr yielded a lovely surprise today. Not only did I find the picture I wanted to use, but I also found a collection of beautifully-prepared recipes by CreatiVegan. (Thanks for sharing the picture, CV!)

My food problems revolve around my difficulties cooking for one. I've heard, and tried, the suggestions about freezing extra amounts; but truthfully, I'd rather keep things as simple as possible and make only what I will be ingesting for that meal. This Gazpacho recipe looks great!

My goal is to establish a well-balanced diet with a minimal amount of work. I don't want to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen, or with shopping either. Raw foods are especially of interest to me.

Lately my meals have been mostly brown and bland resulting in feeling unmotivated and uninspired in the kitchen. In fact, this has been going on long enough that I have noticed an inability to concentrate mixed with mild bouts of depression. Today it occurred to me that my problems are most likely related to my sad sad diet. Time for a change.

I also found an interesting article titled "The Buddhist Diet":
"think about where the food came from and the amount of work necessary to grow the food, transport it, prepare and cook it and bring it to the table."
For me, striving towards being a vegan is a moral necessity. I think I need to have a little more fun with colors and textures to ensure my successful transition to a healthier lifestyle for me....and Earth.

Any other ideas for simple eating are welcomed.

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